DEC112 System Status

DEC112-Services are tightly monitored by automated tests.
This page will be updated automatically as soon as the availability of services changes.

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14th February 2024

Quality of monitoring systems was impaired

UPDATE 18:00 CET: The problem at our hosting partner has been fixed. All monitoring systems are reporting correct states again.

Due to problems at one of our hosting partners, the current state of our monitoring systems does not represent the actual state of the system. According to our hosting partner, this is due to networking problems on their side and therefore affects servers on our side that are responsible for monitoring the emergency call system.

This means that on this page some services may be listed with status "Partial Outage", which is not correct. The whole emergency call system is running normally and emergency calls are processed just normally.

We will further watch this issue and give an update, once the problem is resolved.